• Cosmological: something began existence. If, according to science, every effect has one cause, then there can be no effect without a cause. And yet, the first thing that ever happened could not have caused itself, right? No, it did. God caused himself, creating something out of nothing.
    1. Response: It’s just as reasonable to think that there was no beginning of time, as to think that something created itself. Events may have gone back to infinity.
      1. Counter: if events have gone back to infinity, it would have taken an infinite amount of events to get to the present moment, but then there would be no getting to the present moment
    2. Response: in overlap with the Fine-Tuning justification, there could be laws in our universe, or in other universes, that can explain this phenomenon logically
      1. Counter: And yet, one can’t fathom that such laws would be scientific
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  • Ontological: our splendorous conception of this perfect God is a stamp that proves his existence.
    1. Response: How do we know that this “stamp” isn’t actually from a demon of sorts, tricking us?
      1. Counter: God is perfect, and existence is  form of perfection
        1. Counter-back: How so? Does that mean I’m perfect because I exist? Or that my cat is prefect? Response: How is it that something exists just because we can think of it? I could think about rainbow-colored unicorns, down to the last detail, but that doesn’t mean they’re real.
    2. Response: I could just as well believe that God doesn’t exist. How is this more doubtful than believing that God does exist?
      1. Counter: The conception of God, of such amazing holiness, could not have come from the mind of mere humans, but the conception of no God has no such luster
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  • Teleological: there are aspects of our world that are so perfect, that God must have created them.
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  • Look at the depth and breadth of life in its splendor (examples follow)
    1. Human experience in emotion and action
    2. The range and activity of life in the Amazon jungle
    3. Creatures made to survive the desert
    4. Bears, polar bears, lions, leopards, emus, ostriches, and so on…
    1. Similarly, look at the beauties of amazing natural scenery (examples follow)
      1. The Niagara Falls
      2. Giant redwood trees
      3. The Grand Canyon
    2. Look at the most sublime moments in life (examples follow)
      1. Passionate love and connection to another human being
      2. Altruism
      3. Witnessing an amazing work of art
    3. Look at how amazingly complex humans are (examples follow)
      1.  Mostly, our Central Nervous System remains a quandary
      2. We can cogitate at such a higher level than other beings
      3. We discovered fire
      4. Our knowledge continues to grow
    4. There is no world like ours, as far as can be possibly seen
    5. Technology has been on the increase, but we currently cannot completely explain many phenomena, even other than our brains (examples follow)
      1. Space physics
      2. The depths of the deep oceans
      3. How we gel so completely with some other species
        1. Dogs and cats
        2. Domestic livestock
      4. What happens after we die
  • From this teleological standpoint spawns the Most Persuasive Proof of God