This section is a series of interviews – qualified experts with qualified opinions. Questions were asked and answered solely for WholesomeEmotionalRecovery.

It’s been quite an ordeal with getting people to consent to interview. Frankly I’ve found it quite frustrating. There are a surprising number of professionals with expertise in various realms related to mental health who, for some nebulous reason, won’t offer their qualified opinions, many of which they touch upon in their daily work. Some politely say no, which is difficult enough. But then there are those who agree, and once I spend time writing and sending a questionnaire to them, they change their mind.

Anyway, kudos to the consented, though they remain anonymous! People should not feel bad censoring their sovereign beliefs. They should furthermore not shy away from opinions which their education and experience qualifies them to state publicly.

Oh well. Let’s be thankful for these fearless three!

Here we have:

  • Former Clinical Psychologist
  • Senior Staff Member at a county mental health association
  • Women’s Reproductive Health Assistant (Doula) and Holistic Health Professional