Hopefully, this section makes the rest of the site more clear.

Mental illness denotes a level of significance. It is about emotional issues becoming so burdensome that outside help is warranted.

The degree of mental illness is based on how well one can function in the world.

And one out of every four people has one.

Recovery from a mental illness, true recovery, requires tending to oneself, not following a rigid schedule or doing things in a particular way all the time. It’s about what works for you!

Some people reading this page think it’s not helpful. That’s perfectly okay.

I hope, though, that if this is the case, you’ll at least skim through the sub-categories. Those sections do have a lot of relevant material.

Wellness Terms (Recovery, Therapies, Mood, Perception) offers some advice on how to promote a fast recovery, including regular therapy, and maintaining hygiene. It also talks about different therapies. And finally, various moods and misconceptions.

Next, a few definitions of drug-body relationships. Then, five classes of chemicals, and some particulars within those classes, are detailed. Finally, in Body-Chemical Basics, a few bodily systems.

Basic Medication and Drug Categories goes over recreational drugs, psychiatric drugs that are particularly dangerous (in abuse potential), and psychiatric drugs that are much more safe. It details some of the terrible damage and pain associated with use and withdrawal from various drugs.

Next we have Basic Medication and Drug Use Patterns, which hopefully people will read about and apply to their use of substances, if they do so. It defines abstinence, addiction, and any habit of drug use between. It also relates the post-acute withdrawal syndrome.